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A page all about me and the skills I offer.
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About me

Welcome to my website. I recently graduated from the Visual Effects department of the Dutch Film Academy.
I specialized in concept art and character design, which I have always had a great passion for.
Creating a character, designing new worlds and coming up with concepts feels like creating life purely from the imagination. By learning from reference and combining it with imagination, the possibilities are endless.
I love to create characters that suit the story best, from their characteristics to their appearance.
At the academy I learned a lot about the basics of filmmaking, such as writing a screenplay, editing, sound, art department and directing.

The Visual Effects department teached us a lot about popular software programs such as Maya, ZBrush and Nuke. We also learn to create effects, a previs or storyboards.
We had to communicate a lot with directors, editors, cinematographers, but especially with the students of our department. We had to work as a team in order to achieve the best results.
Because I love making art, I always try to improve my skills and to improve as an artist.



– Photoshop
– ZBrush
– Keyshot
– Illustrator
– After Effects
– Autodesk Maya
– Mari
– The Foundry Nuke

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